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Horse Treks With Bulak Say Horseback and Trekking

Horseback Riding

The Terskey Mountain Range south of Karakol is characterized by a system of parallel valleys which have each their attractions and beauty. The here listed treks are propositions of itineraries which allow you to discover the highlights and the typical landscapes of our Tien Shan mountains. Nevertheless, as the valleys are all interconnected, the treks can be adapted, (shortened or prolonged) according to your wishes and your time.

– 1day “Day Excursion” – from Jolgolot village to Karakol valley

– 2days – “Hotsprings Express” : from Jolgolot village to the Altyn Arashan valley

– 3days – “Ala Kol Express” from Jolgolot village to the Altyn Arashan valley and lake Alakol

– 4days – “ Highlight Tour” From Jolgolot village to Kashka-suu valley, Altyn Arashan valley and lake Alakol, returnto Ak-suu village

– 4-5days – “The Secrets of Altyn Arashan”from Jolgolot to Altyn Arashan and further…

– 5-7days – “Red Rocks Tour” from Jety-Oguz to Altyn Arashan valley

– 10days – “Wild valleys tour” from Jety-Oguz to Turgen-Ak-Suu

Service From Bulak Say Horseback & Trekking

Prices in Kyrgyz SOM

Prices in Euro

Prices in USD

Horse Excursion (2 hours) “Karakol Panorama”

Per Horse 


Horse Guide 


Horse Excursion (4 hours) “Karakol National Park”

Per Horse 800



Horse Guide 1200



Horse Rental Per Day




Horse Guide Per Day




English Speaking Horse Guide Per Day


*Horse Assistant Need After 3 Tourists


Cook Per Day


Food Per Person Per Day 3 meals


Cooking Equipment Rental Per Day


Trekking Guide Per day


Transportation Karakol to Aksu 4 Person


Transportation Karakol to Jety-Oguz 4 Person


Transportation of Horses to Jety-Oguz *4 Horses Max


Karakol National Park Fee Per Person


Karakol National Park Fee Per Tent


 Yurt / Accommodation


Terms and Conditions:

For the use of horse guides, cooks and horse the full cost must be paid before the trek starts. Cancellations of personnel with less than 72 hours notice is subject to a cancellation fee equal to the first day’s rate. Clients who come back early from a trek are not eligible for a refund for personnel unless there is injury, illness or natural events that forces the trek to end. *Be aware that ridding horses can be dangerous and we do our best to ensure you have a safe tour, but there can be unforeseen risks involved with riding horses. 

Kyrgyzstan has a continental climate. The sun shines over 200 days a year. The temperature during the summer months can range from 20ºC to 40ºC between 900-2000m elevations; between 3000-4000 m the temperature ranges from 0ºC to 20ºC. In Kyrgyzstan the weather can change 3-4 times a day. Be aware sometimes you may experience rainy, snowy and sunny weather in the same day.

You need to bring:
Winter jacket, sleeping bag rated for -26ºC to 0ºC, rain gear, 2-3 pairs of wool socks, waterproof trekking boots, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen with high UV-protection, lip balm with UV-protection.

It is strongly recommended that all clients have proper insurance to cover any illnesses, helicopter evacuation and transportation to their country of origin. In the event of an emergency we will do everything in its power to assist clients. Please contact your Embassy to find the best travelers insurance policy for your stay in Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyz Republic gives free visa to citizens of 44 countries including; EU, USA, Japan, UK, Norway, Switzerland and Brazil.